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Family business since 1947 Embroideries Broderies

Lace embroidery in Vorarlberg: high-quality Austrian Laces and more

Fashion is an attitude to life. Not for nothing is the saying "clothes make the man". We at the traditional company Oskar Hämmerle produce fine lace fabrics and quality tulle goods in various colours and patterns and unusual designs in our embroidery workshop in Lustenau near Vorarlberg. Our speciality is the production of first-class Austrian Laces. Furthermore, equip your customers with lingerie made of our high-quality fabrics with etched appliqués and lace embroidery.

Traditional Austrian Laces and lace embroidery

Since 1947, our family business has been producing embroidery and lace embroidery fabrics that delight customers all over the world. Our embroidery combines decades of tradition with a modern attitude to life. We export our embroidery fabrics to Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy, Africa, but also worldwide. Convince yourself of exclusive fabrics, patterns and lace embroideries that will inspire your customers.

Our wide range of products includes:

Modern design creations

Own creations

Garments should primarily look fashionable, but they also have to meet certain requirements in everyday life. Thus, comfortable wearing comfort and durability play a decisive role for the owner of the garment. A closer look already reveals if fabrics have been poorly processed or if the clothes are made of inferior and cheap material.

Handmade fabrics with embroideries: worldwide shipping

Handmade fabrics with embroideries: worldwide shipping

We supply textile companies and tailors with seasonal fabrics and our popular African Laces, which are suitable for noble costumes and festive occasions. Our Men's Polish, simple embroidery fabrics, traditionally worn by men in West Africa, are very popular on the local market but also elsewhere.

Are you a textile retailer looking for a fabric manufacturer you can count on when buying lace embroidery fabrics? Then Oskar Hämmerle is the right place for you. The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of fabric production, we can offer you products that meet the highest standards. Whether Austrian Laces and etching tapes for ladies' underwear, exclusive fabrics for ladies' outerwear, jacquard fabrics or woollen fabrics with unusual embroideries: With us no wishes remain unfulfilled.

Hygiene is very important to us: Oscar Protection

Hygiene is very important to us: Oscar Protection

A special feature of our embroidery is Oskar Protection, a special process that we apply to our fabrics and laces in cooperation with our partner companies. This makes them water-repellent, oil-repellent and dirt-repellent as well as antibacterial and antiviral. All fabrics from our shop can be provided with this on request.

Are you interested in our fabrics, African Laces or our tulle and lace embroidery? Please send us a contact request. If you have any questions we are also available by phone: ✆ +43 (0)5577 82234!

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