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Premium Cotton

asoebi Services
est. 1947

Welcome to Oskar Austria

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About Us

„If the days are not long enough to treat our customers like a royalty, then we will also use the nights.“ This is the cornerstone of the service ethos of a family firm founded in 1947. The latest technology is of little significance without people to use it with imagination. The creative development team not only takes the advantage of the in-house pattern machine and the archives with the spirit of gold prospectors, but also continues to set itself ever faster speed records.

90% of the products made by Oskar are exported; the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Nigeria are the main markets. Among the highlights offered by Oskar Hämmerle to the quality lingerie And hosiery industry are guipure appliquéson polyurethane trimmings, embroidery combined with rhinestones and prints, on elastic base fabrics.

About us
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